Allergic Conjunctivitis Market is expected to be more than USD 2 Billion market by 2025



Conjunctive swelling (tissue covering white portion of the eye) is known as allergic conjunctivitis owing to allergy.

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According to Renub Research market research report “Allergic Conjunctivitis Market, Patients, Treated Patients, by Countries (India, China, Japan, US, UK, etc.), Disease Type (SAC, PAC, VKC, AKC, GPC), Drugs Profile (Zerviate, OTX-DP, ADX-102, PRT-2761, etc) Companies, Growth Drivers & Challenges” Allergic Conjunctivitis Market is expected to be more than USD 2 Billion market by 2025.

Conjunctive swelling (tissue covering white portion of the eye) is known as allergic conjunctivitis owing to allergy. Allergic conjunctivitis is caused by allergens in patients such as household dust, mold spores, grass, and trees pollen, chemical fragrances (e.g., perfume or household detergents) and animal dander. Treatment for allergic conjunctivitis involves medication for redness and inflammation due to the conjunctiva. The International Ocular Inflammation Society (IOIS) defines allergic conjunctivitis as a form of eye allergy further categorized into two kinds, seasonal allergic conjunctivitis and perennial allergic conjunctivitis.

The global market for allergic conjunctivitis will develop as a result of the increasing incidence of multiple allergic conjunctivitis, the expansion of medical infrastructure in developing nations as a result of rapid urbanization and the growth of particulate pollution, increased awareness of allergic conjunctivitis among individuals and the increased aging population are driving the market.


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Ophthalmic companies are developing new classes of drugs that target the early and late stages of inflammatory processes or mediators engaged in allergic responses. In animal models, these drugs are tested, which will further assist in defining the next generation of anti-allergic treatment.

Market Summary:

  • By Disease Type: Perennial Allergic Conjunctivitis (PAC) and Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis (SAC) are having a significant market share in Allergic Conjunctivitis Market. Market and market share of Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis (SAC) & Perennial Allergic Conjunctivitis (PAC), Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis (VKC), Atopic Keratoconjunctivitis (AKC) and Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC) are covered in the report.
  • By Countries: United States holds the biggest market share and China has the most number of patients population in global allergic conjunctivitis market. Market and market share of India, China, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are given in this research report.
  • By Drugs Profile: The research report covers market of Zerviate, OTX-DP, ADX-102, PRT-2761, CVXL-0074, AK-002, Bertilimumab, Reproxalap, ST-266 and SYL-116011
  • By Companies: Company Overview, Initiatives and Financial Insight of following companies are given in the research report: Santen Pharmaceutical, Alcon (Novartis), Portola Pharmaceuticals and Ocular Therapeutix.


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