Alex Upadhyay Age 19 Artist



Alex Upadhyay is now Popular Artist In India

Press Release

Alex Upadhyay ( Born on 07 June 2002 ) Baran Rajasthan, India.


He is a Indian Musician Artist & Singer, Who has Made a Big Name in The Music industry.


Alex Upadhyay is an also Rapper, singer Writer.


Alex Upadhyay started his singing truly in 2015. He created his own YouTube channel with his elder brother Pradhumn Sharma and used to make and upload videos.


Alex Upadhyay initially did live shows, he also worked with V Production for many years but after a few years Alex Upadhyay started back on his own and did live shows in many places.


This baran took place in Rajasthan. He spent his childhood in Baran. When Alex was in fifth grade he loved to sing and he loved to dance. But after 1 year something happened in which Alex Upadhyay took his interest in music. The real name of Alex Upadhyay is Ashwani Sharma.


Alex Upadhyay loved the name Alex, and in fifth grade he took the stage name Alex Upadhyay, Upadhyay is a Brahmin cast, this is Alex Upadhyay’s cast.


He completed his studies from his college at Career Point University, Kota Rajasthan. He has been popular in college with live shows and singing performances in college. Alex Upadhyay’s first song was “Allah Ve”. This song was a collaboration with his elder brother Its Me Pradhumn (Pradhumn Sharma), After this, in 2019, Alex Upadhyay took out many songs and people enjoyed the songs, The first of which was Crime People sung in Its Me Pradhumn “Suicide Nasha Crime” EP. And Other Song Is “Jamana Jali” And “Devotion” After this Alex Upadhyay released the album Sick Love and in 2021 Mukam EP.