Alchemy Pool Service has the Magic Formula for Clean Pools



Alchemy Pool Service has the Magic Formula for Clean Pools

Press Release

Sacramento, California: August 10, 2021 – Homeowners across Sacramento facing issues with their pools are increasingly turning to Alchemy Pool Service for the right solutions.


The pool company is considered one of the best pool service providers in the region, as they offer a whole scope of works from weekly swimming pool service, equipment repairs, system upgrades, and tile cleaning.


The Sacramento pool service team has a customer-focused strategy in ensuring tip-top pool standards. First, they have set routes from Monday-Friday, so clients know when they are due. “We will come service your pool no matter what, holiday, rain or shine we come,” a company spokesperson said.


They also firmly believe in communication and utilize a system that keeps track of everything they do to a swimming pool.


When they arrive at your house, they will check the chemicals, enter them into an app, and do anything else that requires attention relating to the pool. To close the job, the app asks for a picture, so they also take a real-time picture of the swimming pool.


“After we click finish, the app will send the client an email with all the details of everything we did, including chemical readings and a picture of your pool. This way, you are always in communication with us and know what’s going on with your swimming pool,” the spokesperson added.


The Sacramento pool service company offers three levels of weekly service: chemicals only, chemicals Plus (everything included in chemicals only PLUS maintaining the entire filtration system), and complete pool maintenance run through.


All their swimming pool technicians are thoroughly tested and certificated before they can enter anyone’s backyard, while Alchemy Pool Service also takes pride in offering the highest quality customer service at the most affordable prices.


Five-star reviews from clients also back up their high levels of service. One customer said: “Alchemy Pool Service has taken a heavy burden off of us. Their service has been exceptional and provides us with hours of free time. They are very friendly and respond promptly.”


As the number one Sacramento pool service, Alchemy is confident of meeting your high standards. So for more information, give them a Call on 916-221-3854 or check their full scope of services: