Afpak introduces the first coffee capsule packing machine



Afpak has announced the launch of the first ever coffee capsule filling machine.

Press Release

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The new machine is designed for small businesses who want to produce their own coffee capsules. It is a compact and easy-to-use machine that can fill up to 120 capsules per minute. This makes it one of the fastest machines on the market, and perfect for those who want to start their own coffee capsule business. With this new machine, AFPak aims to help small businesses grow and compete with larger companies. For more information or to order your own coffee capsule packing machine, please visit our website or contact us today.

Nespresso, the world’s leading coffee brand, has launched a new filling machine in China that will help to reduce packaging waste and improve sustainability. The machine, which is made by AFPak, can fill up to 200 nespresso capsules per minute. It is also fully recyclable, meaning that all of the components can be reused or recycled.

Nespresso, the leader in premium single-serve coffee, is expanding its packing capabilities with the launch of a new packing line from AFPak. The state-of-the-art nespresso packing machine is designed for efficiency, flexibility and sustainability. With a capacity of up to 200 capsules per minute, the nespresso packing machine can fill a variety of nespresso capsules, including espresso, lungo and decaf. In addition, the nespresso packing machine is equipped with an intelligent loading system that minimizes operator error and waste.

As any coffee lover knows, the key to a great cup of joe is in the beans. But once those beans are roasted, they need to be properly packaged in order to preserve their flavor and freshness. That’s where the Nespresso packing machine comes in. This machine is designed specifically for filling and bagging Nespresso coffee capsules. It can handle up to 150 capsules per minute, making it a quick and efficient way to package your coffee. The machine automatically fills each capsule with just the right amount of coffee, then hooks onto the side of a bag to seal it shut. This ensures that your coffee stays fresh and flavorful, making it the perfect way to enjoy a cup of Nespresso at home.

Shanghai AFPak Co., Ltd specializes in developing the very best and various packing solutions that will satisfy you and your customers. State-of-the-art technology is at the heart of every product we offer. But the wealth of experience and exceptional customer service are what really set us apart from competitors.