Advantages of Built in Fireplaces



    Many homeowners are choosing to install built in fireplaces in Cape Town.

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    Many homeowners are choosing to install built in fireplaces in Cape Town. This is because you can choose from a variety of aesthetics, from a modern stainless-steel fireplace to a classic cast iron unit. Customers are opting for boutique built in fireplace manufacturers such as Lancal Engineering, as they give customers far more options, including being able to create customised units.

    Built in fireplaces are the most energy efficient and cost-effective way of heating your home. Nowadays there are many options for indoor heating such as Gas and electric heaters. Electric heaters are widely used however, they consume a large amount of electricity and are therefore quite expensive to run. In addition to not being cost effective, electric heaters are also not great for the environment.

    Gas heaters are quite a good option as they provide a heating solution without increasing your electricity usage and are an environmentally friendly option as well. However, they do not generate nearly as much heat as a built in fireplace and if you want to heat up a large room you should opt for a fireplace. Fireplaces provide you with a heating solution without increasing your electricity bills additionally, fireplaces are environmentally friendly if the wood you purchase is sourced responsibly.

    In addition to heating, a fireplace also creates a cosy atmosphere, which is loved by all Capetonians especially in the winter months.

    Homeowners who are looking to install built in fireplaces in Cape Town, are no longer just opting for the cheapest quote. As they understand that opting for the cheapest built in fireplace may result in short term savings. However, you may have to replace the unit in the long run, meaning you end up paying more in the end.

    So, people are now opting for reputed companies with a proven track record of installing quality products, like Lancal Engineering. Lancal Engineering does not just install built in fireplaces as they are able to handle all your steel work requirements. In addition, to manufacturing and installing built in fireplaces they can create custom units such as braai units and free-standing fireplaces.

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    About Lancal Engineering:
    Based in Cape town since 1989, Lancal Engineering is a family owned business. The CEO David Knijnenburg has worked with many reputed companies and has a wealth of experience in creating custom products. Some of their satisfied customers include Naumann Construction, Innovation Projects and GreenStruct Construction.

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