Advantages and features of contactless faucets 2019



PlumbingMaster has published a review of the best contactless faucets 2019.

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Contactless faucets are very easy to use. Due to such devices:

  • there is significant saving both for flats and public places (the start of water just for a few minutes, and the water current appears if necessary);
  • there is automatically water shutdown just after you take your hands away from the solar cell;
  • there is also maintaining hygiene because of no need to touch the faucet with your hands;
  • a contactless faucet realizes the support of stable water temperature. It is regulated with the help of metal rod, or water heating to necessary temperature takes place in the thermostat. There are some models changing water temperature instanter, in that case hands’ movement up and down is enough;
  • contactless faucets are installed in the holes of previous sanitary engineering.

You can also choose a contactless shower faucet that has a spout and a watering can. Not long ago the devices for water stream backlight became very popular. Such faucets are widely used not only at homes but in public places: cafes, bars, restaurants, theaters, schools and so on. They have serious protection from vandalism (all electronics are situated inside the special box, under the faucet housing). Innovations at sanitary engineering are practicality, hygiene and comfort. More often you can meet them both in public places and homes.


PlumbingMaster has published a review of the best contactless faucets 2019.

The review, recently published on the site, contains user’s guide about the best contactless faucets 2019 and recommendations how to choose the most suitable from this list. As this site is not an online store but a resource where every review is based on an objective opinion of the author, on the results of the tests. The prices aren’t published here. Instead the reviews contain more important information for users as the type of product, details, comparisons, pros and cons and conclusions. There you can also find the review of top 5 contactless faucets which are compared in this article. The winner is named at the end of the article.

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