Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.6 adds new features and optimizations



Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.6 introduces new features and optimizations to improve performance while making regulatory compliance easier to meet.

Press Release

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Acronis’ ongoing commitment to cyber protection requires continued innovation and refinement of our solutions – both to meet the shifting cyberthreat landscape, and to set users up for success with usability and customization improvements.

To that end, we’ve recently released version 4.6 of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure. This update introduces new capabilities to further improve performance, usability, and security – as well as fixes for a few existing issues.

What’s new in Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.6?

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.6 provides new features to enhance user experience and service providers’ interoperability. Among the key enhancements included in this release are:

* Accelerated cluster update: Save time with a faster maintenance mode when entering storage components and more efficient virtual machine migration.

* Backup storage throttling optimization: Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and minimize the performance impact on the backup service with configurable throttling thresholds and decreased reservations for throttling.

* Object storage classes: Optimize your object storage TCO and meet SLAs by using up to four different storage classes for applications with specific performance and redundancy requirements.

* Advanced core and object storage monitoring: Monitor, detect, and fix issues faster with the help of additional metrics and alerts in the integrated Prometheus monitoring system for core and object storage.

* Enhanced TLS configuration options: Establish more secure connections with the Acronis Cyber Protection Agent by restricting the ciphers that are acceptable and setting higher default cryptography levels.

* Embedded firewall management for outbound connections: Ensure compliance with security regulations like PCI-DSS. Configuring outbound firewall rules for Acronis Cyber Infrastructure clusters guarantees that all established connections follow company security policies.

View the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.6 release notes for a full listing of additions and enhancements.

Final thought

Version 4.6 of Acronis Cyber Infrastructure enhances service providers’ operability with new features and improvements. Backup and object storage, monitoring, security, compute services, localization, and the user interface are all addressed. Additionally, this release delivers stability improvements and fixes some issues present in previous releases. Acronis continues to refine its solutions to ensure the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) of organizations’ data, applications, and systems.

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