ACL Mobile Limited Offers Premium Solutions For WhatsApp Messaging Experience



ACL Mobile Limited was established in 2000. This company offers a host of customer communication solutions to diverse business organizations.

Press Release

ACL Mobile Limited is a leading provider of a communications platform based on India. They cater to business organizations of diverse types. Their platforms allow large and major enterprises to engage customers over a variety of channels, WhatsApp. In the contemporary environment, using Whatsapp for business support and marketing has become quite a popular trend across the globe.

The solutions offered by ACL Mobile Limited basically enable medium and large enterprises to build their first official WhatsApp messaging experience through a rich media platform, and avail smart messaging servicesThis platform can subsequently be used to send notifications/ alerts, transaction and service-related messages to customers, while also providing superior context with the help of rich text messages and media sharing, and two-way communication.

Having a good marketing strategy in place is vital for all business organizations to meet up with the high competition levels prevalent in modern industries. In contemporary times, Whatsapp business marketing has especially become a popular tool uses by businesses, owing to its extensive reach. This messaging application is used by people of all backgrounds around the planet, and hence provides companies with a great platform to connect with their current and prospective patrons in real time, no matter where they live. Moreover, WhatsApp APIs offered by ACL Mobile Limited supports multiple languages, and hence can enable enterprise to interact with customers in their regional language. The language support can be explored with the help of both notification and conversational flows. WhatsApp communication service can help enterprises to stitch together their various service alerts and turn them into rich conversations.

Get in touch with ACL Mobile Limited at +91 120 6139000. They can also be contacted through mail at [email protected]