ACL Mobile Limited Allows Businesses To Optimally Leverage WhatsApp For Better Customer Engagement



ACL Mobile Limited was established in 2000, and they offer an expansive range of customer communication solutions to diverse business organizations.

Press Release

ACL Mobile Limited is a company that focuses on enabling businesses to reach their customers, swiftly, securely and cost-effectively through modern communication platforms. Their communications and secure messaging platforms boast of having the lowest latency in the industry, and can handle billions of interactions monthly. Through the platforms offered by ACL Mobile Limited, large and major companies can engage their customers over several prominent channels like emails, SMS and WhatsApp, with the assistance of rich and intelligent communication services.

Over the years, ACL Mobile Limited has managed to establish its reputation as a highly trusted Whatsapp business solution provider. Their solutions allow medium and large enterprises to build their first official WhatsApp messaging experience through a rich media platform. This platform can subsequently be used for the purpose of delivering notifications/ alerts, transaction and service-related messages to customers, while providing better context with the help of rich text messages and media sharing and two-way communication. Using such a Whatsapp platform for business enables entrepreneurs to improve customer interactions significantly. They can use the platform as a marketing tool, or even answer product or customer service questions with an option to set automated responses. WhatsApp additionally verifies all business accounts, and hence customers consider it to be among the most secure and reliable tools to engage with brands.

ACL Mobile Limited has their presence across the regions of India, South East Asia and the Middle East, and is considered to be the one-stop shop for all business communications need. Their multi-channel communications platform is majorly effective in overcoming a number of businesses to customer communication challenges, while also enhancing the overall experience and engagement levels.

Get in touch with ACL Mobile Limited at +91 120 6139000 or send them a mail at [email protected]