Aardwolf Security: Leading Pen Testing Service Provider in the UK



Aardwolf Security provides specialised pen testing services. They are one of the most reputable and leading pen testing companies in the UK.

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Aardwolf Security (https://aardwolfsecurity.com/) is one of the leading pen testing companies in the UK. They offer different pen testing services, both manual and automated, which can cover different types of businesses in different sectors.

The company provides web application penetration tests which are perfect for any company that maintains a business website. Business owners that will avail of this service can help ensure that their sensitive data will not be exposed to the public. This is crucial, especially since web applications are the first thing attackers pounce on when searching for vulnerabilities.

As one of the best pentesting companies in the country, Aardwolf Security also provides red team engagement services. This is essentially a real-world penetration test. A team of specialists from the company would hack their client’s system to see whether any areas need to be improved or changed.

Aardwolf Security has continued to stay at the top in this competitive industry because they kept pace with the changing times. They use the latest equipment and tools to carry out their services.

The company also provides vulnerability assessments at an affordable cost. The company’s experts utilise various testing tools, including web and network scanners, to provide results that will be collated and presented into a severity based hierarchy report.

Clients are guaranteed to receive bespoke network assessments and infrastructure reviews, including aftercare for future inquiries they may have regarding their cybersecurity needs. They also take pride in the highest level of security standards they adhere to in providing their services. According to their website: “Aardwolf Security conducts security assessments focused around the OWASP methodology to ensure the highest industry standards are adhered to”.

Potential clients can obtain a quotation from the company’s website. By filling up the form with company information such as the company and technical contacts and their required services, they would only have to submit the form and wait for a reply with a list of the total breakdown of their estimated costs.

For more information about other services they offer, interested parties can visit their website at https://aardwolfsecurity.com/.

About Aardwolf Security

Aardwolf Security provides specialised pen testing services. They are one of the most reputable and leading pen testing companies in the UK. To produce excellent results, they focus on the OWASP methodology. They provide both automated and manual pen testing services to clients from different sectors. They strive to provide their clients with the strongest defence mechanisms for IT systems. For enquiries, you may fill out their contact form at https://aardwolfsecurity.com/contact-us/. You may also talk to one of their staff via 0203 5388 067 or send them an email at [email protected].