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The increased level of toxicity and contamination in products is causing turbulence in the society. In order to address this concern, Spectro Labs started working on its mission to offer quality testing and inspection services.

Press Release

Considering the increased need to offer quality testing and inspection services, Spectro Labs initiated a vision to improve user experience. In this attempt, this analytical lab based in Delhi started its venture in the year 1995 to offer unmatched testing services. It is one of the first testing labs to consistently serve its clients by providing them quality services from over past 23 years. It is a renowned rubber testing lab which ensures high quality and purest form of rubber or its raw products are offered to its clients. Rubber undergoes industrial transformation through several tests. These quality tests are conducted by experts of Spectro Labs who use modern approach and tools for the same.

With the notable performance of this lab, rubber industry has witnessed a positive influence on the quality of rubber. NABL accreditation and ISO certification of Spectro Labs make it a prominent option for quality testing as well as inspection services. Apart from treating rubber in a proper way, this lab works on raw materials of other industries as well. It can also be considered as the trusted plastic testing lab where over 500 professionals work harmoniously to perform tests on plastic or polymer. As a part of this process, the team of experts ensures that highest quality of plastic is obtained through lab tests.

Utilization as well as application of plastic or polymer can be seen in various household or industrial segments; hence, Spectro Labs is worth an investment for receiving accuracy of outcome. On the other hand, Spectro Labs has contributed to the better quality products made of rubber in the market. It has further become the leading rubber test lab based in India. The services offered by this lab make sure that raw material of rubber is tested through advanced procedures. The lab is setting the highest industry standards in terms of testing and inspection services provided in diverse streams according to the requirements of clients.

Spectro Labs has become a multi-disciplinary lab wherein, a wide variety of materials are tested in step-by-step process of testing. The whole idea is to make materials attain highest quality prior to be used for industrial purposes. Apart from conducting quality tests, this rubber testing lab even offers training and knowledge to individuals. Training and seminars are also organized by Spectro Lab to impart lessons to people.