À l’Amiable Offers Key Online Mediation Services for Couples and Families



À l'Amiable Offers Key Online Mediation Services for Couples and Families

Press Release

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Quebec, Canada – Couples and families seeking a clear path through their troubles and conflicts are increasingly turning to the expert mediation services of À l’Amiable’s professionals to transition to a happier and more fulfilling conclusion.


À l’Amiable, led by its founder July Bouchard, offers online mediation and support that allows its clients to benefit from a professional service in the comfort of their own homes and at their own pace.


The service was born from a desire to create a place of discussion in the company of a neutral, welcoming, competent third party to help and support clients to experience a harmonious transition in changing human relations.


À l’Amiable offers its services exclusively online, and their professional mediators are chosen for their competence, benevolence, and conflict management skills. The team comes from a variety of professional backgrounds and are all accredited.


“Our commitment is to offer you support and empathy by listening,” said Ms Bouchard. “Mediation does not mark the end but the beginning of a new way of working.”


Mediation is an intervention intended to bring about an agreement. Its success depends on the willingness of parties to attempt the exercise and find a satisfactory conclusion to any conflict.


Their online mediation allows everyone to choose a comfortable place without travel hassle and assurance that an À l’Amiable mediator will do everything possible to create a bond and an authentic discussion.


A mother of two children, July Bouchard, is a member of the Chambre des notaires du Quebec and an accredited mediator in family matters and small claims. She has over 20 years of experience in law practice, management coaching and entrepreneurship.


For further information about their services, click over to their website https://alamiable.ca/. For further details or to book an À l’Amiable mediator, call +18442642251 or via email: [email protected]