704WrapCity Offers Customizable Wall Wraps made for Branding & Promotion In Charlotte NC



704WrapCity, a Charlotte, North Carolina based business offers customized wall wraps, those can actually help you get the “wow” factor your business has long been looking for.

Press Release

There’re various ways to make your business stand out from the rest. From billboards to posters to vehicle wraps and the list simply goes on. However, your approach should be unique, so people will take a note of it. We are here talking about wall murals or wall wraps in Charlotte. A professionally designed wall mural can offer your business with many benefits. Wall murals have grown in fame, as companies start to recognize the worth that art can offer to a business or a community. Inside a business, wall wraps or murals can make an aesthetically pleasing focal point, spicing up a boring wall & turning it into a conversation piece. Wall murals can actually help you get the “wow” factor your commercial space.

“When you’re all set ready to create a bold statement in your business or office space, just think about our customizable wall wraps that can cover your entire wall. Our custom wall printers offer truly striking murals that can offer you interior area the exact feel & look you and your interior designer want. Now you can easily make use of the massive empty spaces on your interior walls, elevator lobbies, receptions and conference room to reinforce your brand identity & showcase your favorite art with our custom wall graphics. We provide both removable and permanent options for wall wraps. Our astute designers will make your workspace, conference room or lobby stand out to your visitors and staff” said a spokesperson of 704WrapCity.

“Your wall murals and wraps are not just paints, but they propagate some expression totransform imagination beyond expectation as these are utilizing a mixture of colors, textures, and images in an effective way. We deal with commercial wraps, wall murals or signboard or vehicle vinyl wrap,  our custom printed, full-color wall wrap professionally designed, printed and installed by our team who are highly experienced. Call us now to talk about your interior wall wrap project in Charlotte. We promise to astound you with an amazing design &an incredible visual wall display.”, he added further.