5 Tips for the Best SEO Keyword Research Strategy



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All content campaigns begin with the same thing:

Keyword research!!

And there’s a good reason for this. Targeting keywords will lead to lasting organic search traffic for your website.

Unfortunately the dilemma is that 80% of SEO experts and marketers do keyword research wrong. They just put in a core keyword into Google’s Keyword Planner, download the results, and then start cataloging through them in a spreadsheet.

Now, if you have a site with high domain authority then this is not a big deal. But if you’re working on a less authoritative domain, or a brand new one, you need to find practical keywords to rank for.

The perk is that the keyword planner only shows a very small section of keywords you can target. If you can find “veiled” keywords that have a decent search volume, but less competition, your organic search traffic will grow rapidly.

1.     Find the questions your readers are asking

The best keywords come from the readers themselves. Previously, it was tricky to find them, but now you have quite a few options at your disposal. If you find a forum in your niche, you can look at the threads to extract keywords for your list.

You can also learn more about the kind of language your readers use. By looking at the words and short phrases that are used most often, you will begin to see a picture of what matters most to your audience.

  1. Pay Attention to Both Head Term and Long Tail Keywords

Head terms are described as single words or two words that will practically form a part of any search in a related field.

Head terms and long tail keywords have a place in any strategy you will develop for SEO.

While you cannot ignore the head terms, you must find a perfect balance. Both terms will propel your blog to the top with every search. This strategy will transform your SEO experience.

  1. Don’t overestimate the power of individual keywords

While there are always a few sneaky marketers who come up with SEO exploits, Google is never too far behind. Its mission is to eradicate every gap in its search algorithm that businesses are taking advantage of.

Since individual keywords are frequently at the center of black-hat SEO tactics, Google is moving away from them.

It’s important to return to keyword research every couple of months. You might need to come up with new long-tail keywords, get rid of ones with low search volume, or envision what your potential customers are searching on Google.

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