5 Best Companies Hiring QA Automation Engineers



Nowadays, organizations are started to automate their business and its development process to achieve the goal efficiently. Hence, they are looking for skilled and experienced QA automation engineers to test and implement automation technologies.

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QA (Quality Assurance) automation engineers used to test web and mobile applications to find the bugs and enhance its functionality. Generally, the companies hire QA automation engineers to work as a part of the engineering team.

The roles and responsibilities of the QA engineer will vary in accordance with the type of application given to them. Here are the best companies that hire QA automation engineers.

ScienceSoft’s QA

ScienceSoft’s QA is one among the superior companies offering all software testing and QA services. With 30 years of experience the teams of this company providing an excellent testing solution by making use of the latest technologies.

Every year, this company conducts recruitment to hire the best QA automation engineer to support their organization goal. Learn the required skills from QA automation training online and send your application to start your career in this esteemed company.


QualityLogic is software testing service provider that tests the on-demand software and application development environments. This company provides customized testing services to businesses that are based in the USA.

The common testing services offered at QualityLogic Company is a mobile application, WebPages, APIs, IoT, print systems and still more. They tend to hire professionals who have good knowledge of managing these processes ideally.

QA Mentor Company

QA Mentor is one of the leading software testing companies located in New York. This company has acquired a great reputation among people for top-notch Software Quality Assurance and testing services.

The specialty of the company is that it works with over 250 resources and delivering about 30 QA testing services in 8 countries. QA Mentor Company is accepting applications from the QA automation engineer candidates. Take the QA automation training online and get employed in this company easily.


Codoid QA automation companies offer perfect testing solutions to the businesses. It comprises of qualified engineers, testers, and managers to perform the automation process in an effective manner.

They are offering various kinds of automation services like mobile application testing, automation testing, E-learning testing, and other QA services. Are you looking for a QA engineering job? Codoid will hire you when they are satisfied with your QA automation skills.


TestMatick is a quality software testing and assuring company headquartered in New York, USA. They are offering over 20 kinds of QA testing services in different locations. TestMatick has well-versed QA test engineers and managers to provide flexible service to the clients. They look for professional QA automation engineers to drive their testing goals in a successful manner.