2nd International Conference on Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies



Interpreting the strategies to deal with challenges & disputes through Social Sciences Research

Press Release


In Recent Years STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, And Maths) Sciences Have Received The Majority Of Investment And Support From Government, Universities, Etc., While These Subjects Are No Doubt Important And The Importance Of Social Sciences Has Been Ignored. In Fact, In Areas Such As Social And Primary Care, The Justice System, And Business, To Name Just A Few, Social Science Is Extremely Important, And Necessary. Therefore It Is Very Important That This Educational Imbalance Be Addressed And More Support Is Provided To The Social Sciences. At This Outset, Conference Series LLC Provides A Platform  For Social Sciences Conferences Which Aims To Raise Certain Fundamental Questions To The Global Scientific Community And Policy Makers To Pay Attention, Expecting Their Immediate Response.

The Sociological Approach To Medicine Is One Of The Biggest Subsections Of The Whole Field Of Sociology, And Has Become An Important Component Of Health Care Disciplines Such As Public Health, Health Care Management, Clinical Medicine And Nursing. Majority Of The  Market Is Segmented In North America, Asia Pacific, Africa And The Rest Of The World. As Per The Statistics Of 2015 84.2% Of Social Science Graduates Are In Employment. Among Those In Employment, 7 In 10 Social Scientists Are In ‘Professional’ Or ‘Associate Professional And Technical’ Occupations Within 3.5 Years Of Graduating.

A Vast Research Work Is Going On In The Field Of Social Sciences & Medicine And Variety Of Opportunities Exists For Those With Advanced Degrees Concentrations And Majors In The Field Of Medical Sociology.

Social Sciences Conference 2018 Mainly Aims In Bringing A Wide Audience Of Academics Like Sociologists, Social Scientists, Medical Sociologists, Public Health Professionals, Social Science Researchers And Practitioners, Students From Around The World Under A Single Roof, Where They Discuss The Research, Achievements And Advancements In The Field Of Sociology. This Provides An Interdisciplinary Forum For The Dissemination Of Social Science Research On Health Around The World. The Conference Will Continue With Objectives Of Helping Social Science Researchers In The Field Of Sociology As Well As General Public To Understand, Empathize, And Take Prompt Actions To Help Old People Across The Globe.